TSS Podcast #17 — Sue White

Kevin Wathey
3 min readFeb 26, 2021

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Ep. #17: Living a Fulfilling and Impact Driven Life with Sue White

In this episode, I sit down with Shine Online co-creator, Sue White (@SWhite.Movement) to discuss living a fulling and impact-driven life.

Sue is a teacher of movement, former professional dancer, 200hr E-RYT, 500hr RYT, YACEP Yoga Teacher, International presenter, Buti® Yoga Master Teacher Trainer, and Sleek Technique® Principle Teacher Trainer. She has performed, taught classes, and presented locally and internationally. Most notably, she was honored to be invited to present both Buti Yoga and Sleek Technique at the 2018 Rimini Wellness Convention in Rimini, Italy.

Leading a fully active lifestyle from a young age, from ski racing to competitive dance, to horseback show jumping, Sue is no stranger to injury. With injury prevention in mind, a major focus of her classes is safety and how to progressively move the body through a complete warm-up to avoid injury from the get-go. Sue is a perpetual mover, has a passion for connection, and loves bringing the euphoric feeling of yoga and dance to everyone!

We discuss everything from being a student of life, overcoming obstacles, starting a business during the 2020 pandemic, and more…

Please, enjoy the show!

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About Kevin Wathey:

Kevin Wathey is the founder of Synchronicity, an international retreat leader, consultant, entrepreneur, and sought after business coach for health and wellness professionals.

Synchronicity is a company with intention, and a mission to empower others to achieve their true potential through their trainings, retreats, and events that span the globe.

After suffering the devastating loss of his mother early in his life… a spontaneous trip to Bali, Indonesia led him to discover the profound impact a daily yoga and mindfulness practice has on your mental health. Having experienced this first hand, he deeply understands the essential role health and wellness professionals…



Kevin Wathey

Kevin Wathey is the founder of Synchronicity Yoga LLC. A company created with intention, and a mission to empower others to achieve their highest potential.