TSS Podcast #20 — Sam Davis

Kevin Wathey
2 min readMar 19, 2021

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Ep. #20: Entrepreneurship and Intentional Expectations

In this episode I sit down with Serial Fitness Entrepreneur Sam Davis (@SamDavis19) to discuss creating an online empire, understanding your value, how to price your products, programs, or services, the difference between purpose and passion, and so so much more.

Sam Davis is a serial entrepreneur in the fitness industry. She started her journey as a personal trainer scraping from the bottom of the barrel, and now is a multiple 6-figure business owner and still expanding 6 years later.

She is a massive women’s empowerment advocate, and truly believes that when you find your power in your purpose, you can create the empire of your dreams, live a life of freedom, and make a massive impact, and in this episode, we discuss just that…

This is one of the most insightful and actionable episodes I have had to date, and I’m stoked to share the why behind the who that is Sam Davis.

Please enjoy the show!

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About Kevin Wathey:

Kevin Wathey is the founder of Synchronicity, an international retreat leader, consultant, entrepreneur, and sought-after business coach for health and wellness professionals.

Synchronicity is a company with intention, and a mission to empower others to achieve their true potential through their trainings, retreats, and events that span the globe.

After suffering the devastating loss of his mother early in his life… a spontaneous trip to Bali, Indonesia led him to discover the profound impact a daily yoga and mindfulness practice has on your mental health. Having experienced this first hand, he deeply understands the essential role health and wellness professionals play in the lives of others, and their ability to affect real change in the world.

It is his unwavering goal to transform the lives and businesses of his clients so they can do the same for others, and this is what allows him to live a life his mother would be proud of.

Kevin lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his dog Lokah.

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Kevin Wathey

Kevin Wathey is the founder of Synchronicity Yoga LLC. A company created with intention, and a mission to empower others to achieve their highest potential.