TSS Podcast #24— Caley Alyssa

Kevin Wathey
2 min readApr 16, 2021

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Ep. #24: Chasing Your Dreams & The Power of Love

In this episode of The Synchronicity Show, I talk with Caley Alyssa (@CaleyAlyssa) about the power of love, especially self-love, that there are no happy accidents and anything can be accomplished through hard work and determination, and that no matter what life throws your way there is always a silver lining. | Brought to you by The Mindful Method.

Caley is an Embodiment Business Coach, working with females to help them connect deeply to their passions, find their purpose, and turn their biggest obstacles into their greatest superpowers.

She is also an internationally renowned Yoga Teacher & Yoga Nidra Guide, sponsored by Michelob and Alo Yoga, and has digital content on major fitness platforms including Beachbody, Mindbodygreen, and Alo Moves. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner, Ben, and their two dogs, Penny and Boeckman.

Please enjoy this wide-ranging discussion about chasing your dreams and the power of love with none other than Caley Alyssa.

Connect with Caley: Instagram | Website | Alo Moves

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Kevin Wathey

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