TSS Podcast #7 — Erin Dusek

Kevin Wathey
3 min readDec 18, 2020

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Ep. #7: Accepting The Present Moment with Gratitude with Erin Dusek

Welcome to The Synchronicity Show where it is my job to deconstruct the lives of Instructors, Influencers, and World-Class performers to provide you with powerful information to help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life!

My guest today checks off all 3 of those categories because she is a professional commercial dancer, yoga instructor, and manages a recurring 28-day gratitude challenge on social media. Listen in as we discuss the life of a professional commercial dancer, the practice of yoga, and accepting the present moment with gratitude.

Erin Dusek (@ErinDusek) is a professional commercial dancer and yoga instructor currently living in London, UK. She has had an incredibly successful career in the commercial dance industry spanning the last 15 years. She has traveled the world and worked with artists such as Kanye West, The Spice Girls, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, and Take That.

She turned to yoga just over 7 years ago to help her cope with the stresses and anxieties of life as a self-employed dancer and it helped her so much that she decided to train as a yoga teacher in India in 2018 so she could share the practice with others to help them the way she had been helped.

She now teaches in studios all over London and retreats around the world, and due to the current climate is building a community of students online too. Her main aim and intention in life is to help as many people as she can by sharing the gifts of yoga!

We cover a lot of topics in this episode ranging from mindset, gratitude, what the word ‘should’ really means, and so much more.

Please enjoy my interview with Erin Dusek on Accepting The Present Moment With Gratitude!

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